the first track from the new tape!

Veiled Void, by Bary Center

Hey friends, my other techno moniker has a new cassette out on the Crash Symbols label. You can purchase/listen to/download it at the link above!

more MS Paint fun. “Liberalism run amok” and “Stegoslater”

trying my hand at “art”. Rossadactyl, Stamosauraus, Michael TriCeratops, TYRAnasauraus Rex

Yo girl, 

Waddup? Let’s go to McDonald’s and get some wings. Yeah that’s right, McDonald’s has wings! — djmrthebest

p.s. don’t twerk no mo

Headway Recordings

Asheville, NC is home to the small, yet prolific experimental record label Headway Recordings. In addition to releasing quality cassettes and vinyl, the people at Headway also maintain a strong presence in Asheville’s live music scene, bringing countless noteworthy, genre-bending acts to town. I’m very happy to be among their catalog.


Nest Egg - Billion Year Voyage (To God) Side B

drone to the bone from the king Nest Egg

Decoder Magazine » Bary Center – “You Will Live Forever in My Fever Dreams”

a great little blur about my other moniker, Bary Center, from the wonderful folks at Decoder Magazine. 

Bleak Dream, by DJMRTHEBEST

the wonderful west coast party gawds at Gnar Tapes just put out the new DJMRTHEBEST album on cassette. You can order it from the link above or at